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Turbine Section
technical 20 July 2021
  Turbine Section The turbine transforms a portion of the kinetic (velocity) energy of the exhaust gases into mechanical energy to drive the...
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technical 19 July 2021
  blades The blades are retained in their respective grooves by a variety of methods, the more common of which are peening, welding, lock ta...
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Turbofan Engines
technical 18 July 2021
  Turbofan Engines The turbofan gas turbine engine is, in principle, the same as a turboprop, except that the propeller is replaced by a duc...
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Fuel/Air Mixtures
technical 17 July 2021
  Fuel/Air Mixtures Gasoline and other liquid fuels do not burn at all unless they are mixed with air. If the mixture is to burn properly wi...
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Carburetor Systems
technical 15 July 2021
  Carburetor Systems To provide for engine operation under various loads and at different engine speeds, each carburetor has six systems: 1....
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Fuel-Injection Systems
technical 10 July 2021
  Fuel-Injection Systems The fuel-injection system has many advantages over a conventional carburetor system.  There is less danger of induc...
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technical 02 July 2021
  inverter  Modern aircraft equipment is based on the static inverter; it is solid-state, i.e. it has no moving parts.   The DC power supply...
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technical 01 July 2021
Engine Noise Supression   Aircraft powered by gas turbine engines sometimes require noise suppression for the engine exhaust gases when oper...
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 Internal Muffler Failures
technical 24 June 2021
  Internal Muffler Failures Internal failures (baffles, diffusers, etc.) can cause partial or complete engine power loss by restricting the ...
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Airport Beacon
technical 23 June 2021
  Airport Beacon Airport beacons help a pilot identify an airport at night. The beacons are operated from dusk till dawn. Sometimes they are...
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Wind Direction Indicators
technical 19 June 2021
  Wind Direction Indicators It is important for a pilot to know the direction of the wind. At facilities with an operating control tower, ...
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Damage Repairable by Patching
technical 17 June 2021
  Damage Repairable by Patching Damage repairable by patching is any damage exceeding negligible damage limits that can be repaired by insta...
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Shape of the Airfoil
technical 16 June 2021
 The shape of the Airfoil Individual airfoil section properties differ from those properties of the wing or aircraft as a whole because of t...
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Tail Wheel Gear Configuration
technical 15 June 2021
 Tail Wheel Gear Configuration There are two basic configurations of airplane landing gear: conventional gear or tail wheel gear and the tri...
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Tie-Down Procedures for Land Planes
technical 14 June 2021
  Tie-Down Procedures for Land Planes Securing Light Aircraft Light aircraft are most often secured with ropes tied only at the aircraft tie...
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Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
technical 13 June 2021
  Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) extinguishers are used for Class A, B, and C fires, extinguishing the fire by depr...
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 airspeed indicator
technical 12 June 2021
 airspeed indicator Enhancements to the Primary Flight Instruments Some PFDs offer enhancements to the primary flight instruments . airspeed...
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Autopilot Concepts
technical 11 June 2021
Autopilot Concepts An autopilot can be capable of many very time intensive tasks, helping the pilot focus on the overall status of the aircr...
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technical 10 June 2021
  Flight Director Flight Director Functions An FD is an extremely useful aid that displays cues to guide pilot or autopilot control inputs...
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