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Ice protection
technical 28 February 2021
Ice protection Two strategies are used for ice protection: de-icing and anti-icing, De-icing allows ice to form and then  be removed on a pe...
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High-energy ignition unit (HEIU)
technical 27 February 2021
High-energy ignition unit (HEIU) High-energy ignition is required for starting gas turbine engines; a dual system is normally installed for ...
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Orbiting the moon
technical 26 February 2021
Orbiting the moon In order to understand this we must consider how the moon differs from the earth. It is, of course, much smaller, its diam...
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Re-entry into the atmosphere
technical 25 February 2021
Re-entry into the atmosphere On the Apollo missions, the craft re-entered the atmosphere after at least a partial orbit, and after discardin...
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LCF (Low cycle Fatigue)
technical 24 February 2021
  LCF (Low Cycle Fatigue) THE   NTSB said, possibly “metal fatigue” caused the engine of the B777 jet of United Airlines Flight 328 to break...
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Pressure plotting
technical 23 February 2021
  Pressure plotting As the angle of attack is altered the lift and drag change very rapidly, and experiments show that this is due to change...
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Chord line and angle of attack
technical 23 February 2021
Chord line and angle of attack It has already been mentioned that the angle of inclination to the airflow is of great importance. On a curve...
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technical 21 February 2021
Reamers Reamers, used for enlarging holes and finishing them smooth to the required size, are made in many styles. They can be straight or t...
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Drill Press
technical 20 February 2021
  Drill Press The drill press is a precision machine used for drilling holes that require a high degree of accuracy. It serves as an accur...
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technical 19 February 2021
  airframe Vibration in the Forward Fuselage area How an airframe Vibration in the Forward Fuselage area can be isolated to the nose landing...
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Black Box
technical 19 February 2021
Black Box An aircraft’s flight recorders are an invaluable tool for investigators in identifying the factors behind an accident. Recorders u...
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 Pre-flight checks
technical 18 February 2021
 Pre-flight checks Again, unlike a car, we cannot just throw our cases into the back and hope for the best. The basic aircraft is carefully ...
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 flying controls
technical 17 February 2021
 flying controls   The flying controls are quite simple. In front of us is the main yoke. We push this forward to lower the elevators and no...
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