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  • In Aviation It’s important for the pilot to fly in condition make aircraft under control, in the high speed, the force of air is an opposite control surface so that can make it difficult to move this control surface is a deflected position in the air.
  • For this type of problem it’s preferable to use tabs it’s aid with this, usually, some of this located on the trailing edge of primary flight control surface and it’s small and movable and is deflected by a small movement from the tab in the opposite direction of the direction of flight .
  • To aid maintain flight control is just by small movement is cause air to strike the tab and create force aid flight control to move in the desire position is can be positioned  can really make the stability of aircraft.
  •  The tab exists in elevator, rudder, ailerons, the ailerons taps are helping the wing level of the aircraft and rudder taps is set to hold yaw and elevator taps are provided to maintain the select pitch.
  • In the light aircraft the trim tab exists as a stationary metal plate attaches to trailing edge of primary flight control usually rudder in the empennage is make the aircraft in the condition when is flying straight and level.
  • When there simple input for control surface movement the balance taps is move and linked to the control surface can also double like trim tabs, the use of balance tabs are occurred by the movement of trim in direction and the control surface in opposite direction.


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