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AIRBUS DFPRM '' Duct & Fuel Pipe Repair Manual ''

The Duct & Fuel Pipe Repair Manual 

What does DFPRM stand for? Each of us knows about DRM that is Duct Repair Manual,, but DFPRM is Airbus manual stands for Duct & Fuel Pipe Repair Manual gives the operators the repair instructions as follows:-
1- CLEANING,, to clean the duct or fuel pipe before repair IAW.DFPRM.51-12-00,,BP.400 config.1 rev.27,rev.date May 01/ 2019.
2- TESTING:- to perform the test before and after repair IAW.DFPRM.51-12-00 BP.1000,, Confg.1 rev.27,,rev.date May 01/2019.
3-DISASSEMPLY :- IAW. DFPRM 51-12-00 BP.3000 confg.1 rev.27 rev.date May 01/2019.
4-INSPECTION:- IAW.DFPRM 51-12-00 BP.5000 config.1 rev.27,, rev.date May 01/2019.
5-ALLOWABLE DAMAGE :- IAW.DFPRM 51-12-00 BP.5500 confg.1 rev.27,,rev.date May 01/2019.
6- REPAIR :- IAW.DFPRM 51-12-00 BP.6000 confg.1,,rev.27, rev. Date May 01/2019.
7-ASSEMBLIES AND STORAGE:- IAW. DFPRM. 51-12-00 confg.1,, next ,,next,
     credit by Andrew naidu

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