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Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations

Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations

Understanding CDCCL (Basic)

The term CDCCL – Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations – actually refers to design characteristics that have to be retained during maintenance or modification especially on a system with an ignition source or flammable source such as a fuel system.

Disturbing systems related to, adjacent to, or having a potential impact on fuel systems identified as being at risk (as identified during the accomplishment of the stipulations of SFAR 88 and related JAR or EASA documents) may be subject to special inspections identified as CDCCL tasks in ICA and in AMPs.
The as known aircraft fuel system has many electrical wiring systems and components, whenever any maintenance tasks are carried out on the fuel system its components. The installation or maintenance should be carried out in such a manner where the design should be retained to aircraft manufacturers origins without being disturbed or altered from its original specifications as any alteration or changes may cause any immediate or impending risk of fire associated to the fuel system due to short circuits or etc.
SFAR – Special Federal Aviation Regulation
ICA– Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
AMP– Approved Maintenance Program

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