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Engine Storage

Engine Storage(Basic)

Engines that have been removed from aircraft for storage or uninstalled engines that are being returned for repair or overhaul should be protected internally and sealed in moisture vapor proof (MVP) envelopes.

This is the most satisfactory method of preventing corrosion and is essential when engines are to be transported overseas.
A turbine engine should be drained of all oil, fuel system inhibited, oil system treated as recommended by the manufacturer, and blanks fitted to all openings.
Particular care should be taken to ensure that no fluids are leaking from the engine and that all sharp projections, such as locking wire ends, are suitably padded to prevent damage to the envelope.
The MVP envelope should be placed in a position in the engine stand or around the engine, as appropriate.
 The engine should then be placed in the stand, care being taken not to damage the envelope at the points where the material is trapped between the engine attachment points and the stand bearers.
Vapour phase inhibitor or desiccant should be installed in the quantities and at the positions.

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