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Magnetic level indicator

Understanding the use and how MLI works (Basic)

  • Magneti level indicator (MLI) or better known as floatstick, is a device to measure fuel levels in modern large aircraft whenever fuel quantity is unable to be read from the ground during refueling or in the event of fuel discrepancies found from ground quantity gauges and fuel quantity instrument gauges in the cockpit.

  •  MLI is made up of a closed tube rising from the bottom of the fuel tank. Surrounding the tube is a ring-shaped float, and inside it is a graduated rod indicating fuel capacity. 
  • The float and the top of the rod contain magnets. The rod is withdrawn from the bottom of the wing until the magnets stick, the distance it is withdrawn indicating the level of the fuel and the values shown on the stick is usually converted from units into liters or kg as provided by aircraft refueling/maintenance manuals.
  • When not in use, the stick is secured within the tube which is housed inside the fuel tank and flushed to the aircraft's lower skin.
  • Note: Every aircraft has it's own characteristic and variation in MLI design or reading procedures, therefore appropriate AMM should be referred to when working on MLI.

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