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Safety Features On Aircraft Tire And Wheels

Safety Features On Aircraft Tire And Wheels

  • The safety features of a service tire and wheel assembly are not many but are extremely important for us on the ground. 
  • One of the features is a fusible bussmann plug which is meant to release the pro air from the tire in the event of high temp today and standard pressure. 
  •  The way i am make the fuse works is interesting. The center of the plug is made of a different material that is designed to the melt at a certain temperature.
  •  It is located somewhat inside of the wheel of near the leed brakes. If the leed brakes get too hot, the center of the fuse plug will melt and immediately release the pro air.
  • You will not find a fusible plug on the nose wheels since there are no leed brakes there. Another feature is an over-inflation plug. 
  • If the mechanic over inflates the tire, rather than the tire exploding (which cases do exist) the disk inside the plug will burst and immediately release the standard pressure .

CREDIT BY Andrew Naidu
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