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Spiral Painted On Spinner Cones

Why does spinner Cones have Spiral painted on them?

Spiral Painted On Spinner Cones
If you’ve ever traveled on a commercial airplane, there’s a likely chance you’ve noticed those little white swirls in the center of those engines on the wings. The spiral shapes can be seen on jet engines everywhere and come in several different designs and variations. They look cool on a spinning engine, but do they have a purpose for it? Yes, it does have a purpose.

Spinner Spirals Are Attention Getters to alert ground crew engines are in running conditions. The spirals were also claimed at some point to scare away birds reducing the possibility of bird strike ingestion however the efficiency is still in doubt.
Talking about the spinner cone itself, the spinner is designed to streamline or corkscrew the air to be distributed into the engines scooped by the fan blades in a ram recover condition. Besides that on certain engine models, spinners have driver rubberized tips to minimize icing conditions which may affect the air corkscrewing pattern.

CREDIT BY Andrew naidu

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