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Stall And Surge On A Gas Turbine Engines

 Stall And Surge On A Gas Turbine Engines

  • To understand the concept behind Stalling and Surging, we should first know the flow over an airfoil. An aerofoil stalls when the airflow completely separates from the top side or suction side of the blade.

  • A compressor stall is a local disruption of airflow in a gas turbine engine. It is also related to compressor surge which means complete disruption of airflow at the compressor stages meaning air tends to reverse forward losing the axial flow efficiency.
  • The stall can be detrimental to an engine - vibration (blade failure), vibration (whole engine), possible flameout.
  • A surge is a "rotor" phenomenon. Or it is a "global" occurrence, of which all the blades in a rotor stall. When this happens, the flow through the rotor becomes choked (no overall flow), and sometimes reverses direction. This is also bad for an engine, as the engine would be starved of oxygen causing flame out. The choking can be unstable - the flow can restart, and re-choke continuously, creating very violent vibrations to the engine. I have heard of a rotor got its whole blades torn due to surge.

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