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Aircraft Electrical systems

Aircraft Electrical systems

Why Aircraft Electrical systems operate on 400 HZ Frequency?
  • Aircraft electrical components operate on many different voltages both AC and DC. However, most of the aircraft systems use 115 volts AC at 400 hertz or 28 volts DC. 26 volts AC is also used in some aircraft for lighting purposes, where the power is generated by a commutator which regulates the output voltage of 28 volts DC.

  • AC power, normally at a phase voltage of 115V, is generated by an alternator, generally in a three-phase system, and at a frequency of 400 Hz.
  • Running at 115v 400Hz allows the use of smaller transformers. Less energy has to be stored in the transformer core per cycle, so the core can be smaller. A smaller core means a lighter transformer, and reducing weight is a good thing in an aircraft. The more is the frequency, the more is the speed and relatively lesser structures of electrical equipment and lesser the weight, which is required for the aircraft, there may be mechanical problems and the expensive solution would require for that but keeping in view the economic benefits/requirements of the aircraft it would be financially viable.
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