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  • Atmospheric pollutants may contaminate the engine gas path, leading to a buildup of deposit on airfoils or the initiation of corrosion, sulphidation, or performance deterioration.

These effects can be alleviated with engine washing.
  • Compressor Desalination Wash Used to remove salt deposits, which can cause corrosion, drinking quality water injected into the engine intake using either an installed compressor wash ring or a handheld wash wand.

  • Compressor Turbine Desalination Wash Used to remove salt deposits from compressor turbine blades and stators which can cause sulphidation a reaction between salt in the atmosphere and sulfur in fuel.
  • this wash must be done immediately following compressor desalination or performance recovery wash as contamination will be transferred from the compressor to the section.
  • wash fluid is drinking-quality water.
  • water is injected through a wash tube inserted in one of the igniter ports.

  • Compressor Performance Recovery Wash Used to remove stubborn deposits that are unable to the removed during normal desalination washes
  • wash fluid includes an approved detergent.
  • only be done by when engine performance is lost noticeably.

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