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Fuel Drain

Fuel Drain

The Jet fuels can have unwanted water that it collects during airplane operation. There are many ways contaminants can occur in your fuel, however, the most common issues happen due to atmospheric absorption, condensation, and leaking in the fuel tank. Water is arguably the most damaging type of contamination as it can cause a series of chain reactions.

It is necessary to drain the fuel tanks sumps regularly to remove this unwanted water. Water can promote corrosion in fuel system components. If enough water is present, it can form ice crystals in low temperatures and clog fuel lines, filters, or components. This could disturb or even stop the fuel supply to the engine.
It's important to use the approved drain tool to extract fuel from the sump drain valve. And ensure that there are no leaks coming from the valve after the drain tool is removed. Always refer to the approved updated AMM as a guideline when carrying out a water drain on fuel tanks. Importance should be given to the fuel drain. It may look simple but it plays an important safety role.

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