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FUEL Nozzle

FUEL Nozzle
  •  The final components of the fuel system are the fuel nozzles, which have as their essential function the task of atomizing or vaporizing the fuel to ensure its rapid burning.

  • PT6 typical maintenance interval to clean 400hours, for new operators it’s recommended to start with an interval 200 hours. Fuel quality plays a significant role in fuel nozzle cleanliness.
  • There are two types of fuel nozzles on  PT6 engines simplex and duplex.
  • With simplex fuel nozzles, primary and secondary.
  • Each nozzle has a single orifice.
  • Simplex nozzles are typically set up as either all primary (in some engines) or in a ratio of 7 to 7 or 10 to 4 primary to secondary.
  • The configuration depends on the engine model and configuration status of the engine.
  • Upon startup, fuel is distributed to the primary nozzles only. At a given N1, the secondary nozzles kick in.
  • With duplex nozzles, fuel is introduced in a similar way as with a simplex nozzle system in two stages with primary spray upon startup and secondary kicking in as the engine spools up. The difference is that in a duplex nozzle system, all of the nozzles are identical. Each one has two passages and two concentric ports in the tip that spray fuel.

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