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Importance Of Safety Lock Wires On Aircraft

Importance Of Safety Lock Wires On Aircraft

  • Safety wiring / Lock wiring is the method to lock the nut in its place after tightening with the bolt.
  • A piece of stainless steel wire passed through the hole in the nut and give the clockwise load to the nut and other end tied to the body. So that the nut will not get loose itself.

  • Safety wire (positive wire locking) is done in areas where there is a possibility of the bolt getting loose due to vibration (also in other critical areas); this is done in a way such that the loosening of the bolt is counteracted by the tension in the wire i.e. in case the bolts loosen, the locking wire becomes taut and prevents further movement of the bolt.

  • There are different ways of doing wire locking for locking depending on the number of fasteners involved, but the basics are the same.
  • Always refer to ATA 20/70 for wire locking standard practice in amm or basic rule of the thumb refer to
  • FAA AC43 or CAAIP which gives details and requirements of good wire locking practices.

by Andrew naidu
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