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Landing Gear Actuators

Landing Gear Actuators

  •  Landing Gear Actuators Retracting the gear into the airplane allows for a cleaner form, which reduces drag.

  • So what makes the gear to extend or retract with the aid of Hydraulic power? It is through hydraulic actuators which we will discuss further.
  • Most aircraft landing gear extension and retraction is achieved through hydraulic actuators. The primary function of this actuators is to convert hydraulic pressure into mechanical motion (extension/retraction motion of the gear).
  • There are basically three types of hydraulic actuators which you will commonly find on a landing gear.
1)single Acting Actuator: This actuator is normally used as a locking device, the lock being engaged by spring pressure, and released by hydraulic pressure. e.g landing gear unlocks.
2)Double Acting Actuator: This type of actuator is most commonly used in the aircraft systems. This actuator will have greater lifting capacity when the piston rod end extended.e.g raising the landing gear.
3) Balance Actuator: A Balance actuator, in which equal force can be applied to both sides of the piston, is often used in the nose wheel steering system and powered flight control units.

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