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Landing Gear Cuff

Landing Gear Cuff/Bungee Springs

  • Ever wondered why most heavy landing gears are fitted with cuff/bungee springs or jury springs? The drag/side brace strut is an "over-center" locking strut where the springs are used to give the jury strut some extra kick while extension and gravity extension and improve redundancy to ensure the gear is fully locked when in the extended position.

  • The springs are designed to help pull and lock the drag strut into its down position. Once the drag brace jury strut reaches the level position in the picture, the spring load is enough to keep the landing gear from collapsing under any "normal" external load in any direction.
  • The only way to retract the gear is to release the drag brace jury strut from it's locked position by pulling it upwards with the drag brace strut actuator.

  • Should the actuator fail, gear lock will be achieved and maintained by the springs alone.

CREDIT BY Andrew naidu
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