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Speed Brakes and Roll spoilers

Speed Brakes and Roll spoilers

Ground spoilers /Speed Brakes and Roll spoilers

The A320 has 5 spoilers on each wing, numbered from

 inboard to outboard 1-5. They are used as follows.

1 to 5: Ground spoilers- for reducing speed after the aircraft 
touches down and also to ensure the aircraft loses its entire lift  dumpers (no floating) Lift dumpers have three main functions: putting most of the weight of the aircraft on the wheels for maximum braking the effect, increasing form drag, and preventing aircraft 'bounce' on landing.

2 to 5: Roll spoilers - assist the aileron in rolling to overcome 

aileron drag adverse yaw effect by creating differential 

aileron effect, also used in rolling if there is the failure of the 


2 to 4: Speed brakes- for speed reduction when airborne or 

quick action for descending.

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