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The Fuel System

the Fuel System ( PT6 TurboProp )

  • The fuel systems are designed to deliver clean fuel to the engine at the pressure and flow that are necessary for all engine operating conditions.

  • Fuel is contained in two fuselage fuel tanks, one forward and one aft. The tanks can be gravity refueled through two filler points, one for each tank, located on the left side of the fuselage near the wing strut.
  • The forward tank supplies the right engine and the aft tank the left engine, A crossfeed valve provides a fuel supply to both engines from one tank. Each fuel tank consists of four interconnected fuel cells. Two fuel booster pumps, installed in the collector cell of each tank, deliver fuel under pressure to the engine.
  • A fuel quantity indicating system of the capacitance type is provided for each fuel tank. Fuel low pressure and low level indicating lights are provided on a caution lights panel in the flight compartment.
  • the fuel control unit is either a hydropneumatic or hydromechanical system that meter the correct amount of fuel to the engine to maintain the gas generator speed selected by the pilots via the power control lever.
  • PT6 turboprop engine is approved for operation with all commercial jet fuel.

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