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Thrust Reversers

 Thrust Reversers

  • Thrust Reversers
  • As aircraft have increased in gross weights with higher landing airspeeds, the problem of stopping an aircraft after landing has greatly increased. In many instances, the aircraft brakes can no longer be relied upon solely to slow the aircraft within a reasonable distance, immediately after touchdown.

  • Many high by-pass ratio engines reverse thrust by changing the direction of the fan airflow. Since a majority of the thrust is derived from the fan, it is unnecessary to reverse the exhaust gas flow.
  • The most commonly used reversers on most turbofan engines are the cold stream aerodynamic blocker door type where with the aid of engine reverser doors which redirects the jet streamflow.
  • Cold stream type has doors in the bypass duct which are used to redirect the air that is accelerated by the engine's fan section but does not pass through the combustion chamber (called bypass air) such that it provides reverse thrust.
  • The cold stream reverser system is activated by hydraulic actuators. During normal operation, the reverse thrust vanes are blocked. On selection, the system folds the doors to block off the cold stream final nozzle and redirect this airflow to the cascade vanes. This system can redirect both the exhaust flow of the fan.

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