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What is coffin ⚰️ corner in aviation ?

 What is the coffin ⚰️ corner in aviation?
  • the Coffin corner is the region of flight where a fast but subsonic fixed-wing aircraft's stall speed is near the critical Mach number, at a given gross weight and G-force loading. In this region of flight, it is very difficult to keep an airplane in a stable flight.

  • Consequences:- When the airplane exceeds its critical Mach number (such as during stall prevention or recovery), then drag increases or Mach tuck occurs, which can cause the aircraft to upset, lose control, and lose altitude. In either case, as the airplane falls, it could gain speed and then structural failure could occur, typically due to excessive g forces during the pullout phase of the recovery.

credit by  Chhawinder Pal singh Sodhi
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