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What is the purpose of GEN 1 LINE in A320?

What is the purpose of GEN 1 LINE in A320?

  • Amber smoke light indicates possibility of smoke in avionics compartment.
  • In OFF position, only number one fuel pump in each wing is working to avoid gravity fuel feeding. This is done to let Gen 1 supply fuel pumps even if all other power sources are switched off in response to smoke procedure (isolating source of short circuit).


  • The smoke light illuminates amber when smoke is detected in the avionics ventilation associated ECAM warning.
  • GEN 1 LINE SMOKE with system, If avionics smoke is detected, ECAM directs the airplane to be placed in the smoke configuration. This requires placing the GEN 1 LINE switch on the EMER ELEC PWR panel to OFF.
  • When this occurs:The GEN 1 line contactor opens
GEN 2 powers AC buses 1 and 2 (main gallery bus is shed) through the tie bus,and GEN 1 powers a fuel pump in
each wing.

  • This permits removing AC power from all buses during the AVIONICS SMOKE ECAM procedure without removing power from the fuel pumps.
  • OFF Causes generator 1 line contactor to open. AC bus 1 is supplied from generator 2 through the tie bus. In addition, generator 1 powers a fuel pump in each wing tank.
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