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Why Are Planes Painted White Or Light Colors ?

Why are planes painted white or light colors?

Planes are nearly always painted white. There are several reasons for this:

👉  the White paint helps reveal even small cracks and dents. White details are easily recognized in case of an accident and it’s easier to notice damages.
👉  Preventing collisions with birds. Birds can see the reflection from white surfaces better and don’t often collide with airplanes for this reason.
👉 the Heat reflection. If an aircraft is painted white, it accumulates less heat. This is better for passengers and economically profitable for airlines.
👉 when It doesn’t fade. When flying at high altitudes, airplanes are completely exposed to various atmospheric conditions. Colored aircraft tend to fade over time, and thus require repainting to maintain their aesthetic appeal.
👉 White paint is less expensive. While the paint is way cheaper than other paint.

CREDIT BY Chhawinder Pal singh Sodhi
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