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  • It’s defined that primary flight control surface this device is making aircraft to roll and move in the longitudinal axis, is located on the outboard trailing edge of each wing of aircraft are built into the wing and calculated like part of the wing surface.
  • The controlling of ailerons is important just by control stick in the cockpit or rotate control yok is controlled by  a side to side, when some of the ailerons on one wing upward the ailerons of the opposite wing deflect down isn’t work in the same direction.

  • This device makes amplifies movement around the longitudinal axis by the aircraft when one of  the wing which aileron trailing edge is downward the lift and camber is increase  and in the other wing lift decrease in the result make aircraft rotate around the longitudinal axis.
  • The information comes to a simple process to move ailerons of aircraft first pilot request roll transmitted from the cockpit to surface control in the variety system depending on the aircraft, transmitted to cables and pulleys, hydraulics or electric or a combination of those can be employed.
  • In the aircraft with the high performance, we find the second set of ailerons locates inboard on the trailing edge of the wing, and all of this have a complex system for primary and secondary control to hust stability in flight when aircraft in the air.
  •  When aircraft flying in high speed the only device is a  function of the ailerons is inboard ailerons is required to roll while the other control surfaces stationary but at low speed the ailerons are augmented by using of flaps and spoilers with this can make save a flight of the aircraft.

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