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Aircraft Tires

Aircraft Tires

  • The tires of aircraft are defined as an important part that is fabricated to withstand heavy loads that can support all the weight of aircraft when is on the ground and support during the landing or taxiway.
  • each aircraft have specific characteristic, the number of tires for any aircraft depends on the weight it increases with weight and this weight must be distributed on all support not concentrate on one point.

The question is how can such a tire withstand load and unable to burst on high impact especially when is landing?

  • The important role of Aircraft tires that is designed to withstand load and impact through reinforced carcasses apply through warp, weft, and can fill and bias direction by apply arrangements for carcasses strength of the aircraft.
  •  in reality, tires can explode under any circumstances during flight or during take-off or landing if the carcass has week spot due to damages or improper pressure inflation on the tires. If aircraft tire ruptures, it can fail catastrophically.
  • We can say that for commercial airliners, most aircraft have at least two tires per wheel mount. If one tire fails, there is another one to pick up a load of aircraft and land the aircraft safely.

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