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Clamp Installation

 Clamp Installation

  • It’s important to support wire bundles and wire by the plastics cable straps or clamps, the clamps are classed as primary support device fabricated from material is compatible with installation and environment of locating like  temperature,  exposure to ultraviolet, fluid resistance and  wire bundle mechanical loads all this stuff should have space 24 inches for safe installation.
  • It’s very important to  separate clamps with other parts of the aircraft do not let any contact with this because is install like manner for this installation
  • When put Clamps on wire bundles is must  be select so that they have a snug fit of this device without  have pinching wires, and for cable clamps, the angle of installation is very important, the use of RF coaxial cable in the clamp is cause problem by distorted.
  • The suitable clamp is provided to prevent abrasion when the  wire bundles pass by bulkheads or other equipment member and when shock-mounted on equipment by vibration create the only slack must be left between the last clamp and the electrical equipment of this stuff to prevent the strain of this equipment.
  • When applying  a slight axial pull isn’t allow the bundle to move through the clamp, and for free moving through the clamp for RF cable we should fit without crushing and must be snug more to prevent the RF cable. 
  • We can define Plastic clamps that are used when the failure can  result in interference with movable controls of equipment  and the wire bundle is contacting with moving equipment to unprotected wiring of this installation and must not use on vertical runs where inadvertent slack moved may could result in chafing so clamps should put with their attach hardware located above them and can unlikely rotate as a result of the wire bundle weight of this installation.
  •  To support the wire bundle in all the run we must line with nonmetallic material of this installation, we use between clamps tying but is not like a substitute for adequate clamping and adhesive tapes are also subject to age  deterioration is not acceptable for clamp mean, we can conclude that the principal function of the clamp to maintain clearance view  between the wires and the structure of this installation.

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