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Explanation About The Runway

 Explanation About The Runway

--> Explanation about the Runway
 It’s divided into 4 special parts :
  •  Runway
  • Taxi Way
  • Taxi Track
  • Over Run

  •  The purpose of this is to use it to exit aircraft from the closest point to the runway, to just order to allow other aircraft to land or take off.
  •  The specifications (taxi track), is less than the width of the runway, but it carries the same specifications of the runway in terms of thickness, but it differs in the types of lighting on the side or the middle of the Taxi Track. !! Each of the aircraft Taxi Way has paved side edges equivalent to almost twice the width of the Taxi Way, so that the wings of the aircraft pass through it and there are no obstacles high on it.
  •  The main connection point between the runway and the main taxiway of the runway. The taxi track numbers vary according to the length, importance and quality of the runway, but it is not less than four lanes and not more than ten in most airports. The length of each lane is no more than 200 approximately one meter per Taxi Way as the separation distance between the main runway and the Taxi Track.
  •  The Taxi Track is very important in linking Taxi Way and runways.
  •  The taxiway is the parallel in length and direction to the runway, and in some airports, it is developed to be included in the emergency case. It carries the same or less than the runway specifications depending on the material cost as well as the width and the type of lighting that differs from the runway, The runway so as not to cause any interference to the pilot to distinguish between the runway and the adjacent lanes, just for the safety of the flight.
  1.  REL: Runway Entrance Lights.
  2. THL: Takeoff hold Lights.
  3. HIRL = High-Intensity Runway Lights.
  4. RIL: Runway Intersection Lights.
  5. HIRL = High-Intensity Runway Light.
  6.  MIRL = Medium Intensity Runway Lights.
  7.  LIRL = Low-Intensity Runway Lights.

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