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Fueling Procedures

Fueling Procedures

  • The fueling aircraft is a big responsibility by the operator is important to use the correct type of fuel and safe fueling procedures, and there are two basic  procedures for fueling aircraft for the small aircraft and large aircraft.
  •  For the large aircraft use a single-point fueling system uses exactly bottom leading edge of the wing to fill all the tanks this type is more save reduce electric igniting the fuel.
  •  For the small aircraft is fueled by over the wing and is use the fuel to fill through fueling ports on the top of the wing is limited contamination.
  •  All pressure fueling system provided a pressure fueling hose and panel of controls and gauge that help person to fuel or refuel any tanks and each fuel aircraft tank is filled a predetermined level of an aircraft.

 Those procedures should follow by person fueling :

  • Don’t fuel any aircraft if there is lightning with 5 miles, or if operation ground radar 500 feet with this location.
  • Make sure that is off all the electrical and electronic system and radar on aircraft.
  • Ensure that all sumps have drained.
  • Be attention from splashed fuel just wear gloves and aprons to protect the skin and wear eye protection.
  • Use the proper type and grade of fuel adaptable with this type of aircraft fueling and must not mix JET fuel and AVGAS.
  • Don’t put anything in your pocket of shirt it’s possible to fall down in the tanks.
  • Make sure there is no flame producing are creating during the fueling operation .

 If we are  using fuel truck :

  • Put in the proper installation of the fuel cap and make it secure before leaving the aircraft .
  •  Put a sign of caution during this operation is making by a fuel truck, ensure that the hand brake is set and chocking the wheels to prevent the rolling of the truck.
  • Ensure that trucks and aircraft are grounded together by running a connecting wire between them.
  • Don’t make engine exhaust as ground point is can produce damage make sure to contact ground with bare metal.
  • Ensure to grounding the nozzle of the aircraft and it’s possible to open the fuel tank.
  • Protect the wing or any device on aircraft from spilled fuel during the operation.


  • In this operation possible to use pumping method to empty the tanks and it’s necessary to have a way to collect fuel and make sure to not mix the removed fuel with a good fuel, also the same procedure for fueling and just have the correct type of extinguisher and wear eye protection for more safety.


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