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GPU( Ground Power Units)

GPU( Ground Power Units)

  • This device is vary widely in size and type it classified by towed, stationary, and self propelled items of some equipment, there are units used in the hangar during operation of maintenance.
  • There other are used for flight line as towed from aircraft to aircraft and stationary type can power from the electrical service of the line, but the movable ground power GPU is have an engine on board that turns a generator to generate power. but the small type of  GPU is use series of battery.
  • This unit is usually for light aircraft or some other stuff because is have a high capacity battery, the GPU can place in skids or wheels and is equipped with a long electrical line has  terminated with a suitable plugin adapter on aircraft .
  • The biggest unites mounted with generators giving a wider range of output power is used to supply constant current, the constant voltage DC is usually used to start the reciprocating engine of aircraft but the variable voltage use for start the turbine of engines of the aircraft .
  • The stationary power can give a wider range of output voltage and frequencies are provided DC power variable 115,200 volts in three-phase, for five minutes, can give 400 cycle AC power continuously for service aircraft when is on the ground.
  • Some things to do to save service of aircraft, make sure to position the units to prevent collision with aircraft nearby, don’t move units when generator is engaged or cable is connected, make brakes for this unit.

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