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  • Is defined that a conductive can return path for the goal of safely a normal or fault circuit and grounding is just the process of electrically, but when wires return currents from source type DC or AC as signal than we have an interaction of the currents occurs in this circuit.

  • For the digital system is a big issue to mixing return current from different type because noise is a couple from some source to another for resolve this or minimize this interaction we use simple design us three ground AC returns, DC returns, all other. 
  • In the alternative the power source should be separated we can take like example if we have two generators of AC, on exist in the right and others in the left if the right generator were supplying back up power to left equipment the backup ac ground should be labeled AC RIGHT and also the return current from the left generator should connect to ground AC LEFT  for more safety.
  • For a proper ground we should connect an impedance just more constant, and we should give more attention to the ground return circuit as we do with another circuit, for the satisfactory function of electronic equipment by the ground return circuit the current should rating and voltage adequate stable
  • To reducing the EMI problems are creating by system power the wire can associated ground return to circuit breaker panel, to respect the order we ensure to replacement on ground return some numbers insulated wire leads locat by bare grounding jumpers.
  • The fire hazard is creating if we use in grounding magnesium structure for the ground return, in the aircraft the ground power is attached a proper metal to metal whatever for generators, batteries, the transformer is attached to individual ground brackets.
  • Is avoided to connecting power return with flammable vapor areas if is made make sure this connection  do not arc or something like that under all possible current  flow, and for power return current we use the alternative ground path should be from aluminum because is have big resistivity when the structure is from CFC carbon fiber composite.

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