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How does a propeller work?

How does a propeller work?

  •  We can define Propeller that is a functional part of aircraft can moves aircraft forward by the air, usually, it has 2, 3, or four twisted blades poking out at angles from a central point spun around by an engine.

  •  The main goal of that’s part of aircraft is to make more or less thrust at different points of a flight in the air or in the ground. The angle of blades and the size and the shape affect the thrust and the speed of the motor.
  •  there is also another force drag it’s holding back and slow down, and the function of drag it makes depends on the angle of blades.
  •  Most parts of the propeller function at different speeds:  tips of the blades function speedily than parts close to the central point. To make sure that the propeller create a constant thrust all along its length of the propeller,
  •  the angle of attack ensures to be different at different points in all  the blade greater close the central  but when the blade is moving slowest and shallower close the tips where the blade is moving fastest and that's why propeller blades are twisted in the same time .
  •  the propeller is very important part of the planes it’s make it create thrust and when is landing it’s can create drug in some type of aircrafts and the angle of attack have a big rule of creating speed .

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