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Hydraulic Ground Power

Hydraulic Ground Power

  • This device is manufactured in different sizes, and have limited range of operation is used during the maintenance on the ground because is provided hydraulic pressure to function the aircraft system.
  • Is called also hydraulic mule and The uses of portable hydraulic ground power in different thing can use to :
  1. To filter the fluid of the hydraulic system of aircraft.
  2. To make aircraft drain especially hydraulic systems.
  3. Make a clean fluid by refill the aircraft system.
  4. use for checking the aircraft systems for leaks and some operations.
  • This the device has a high performance is capable to give the variable volume of fluid from zero to 24-26 gallons per minute at variable pressures up to 3000-pound square per inch (psi) and is also used in this unite electrical power unit to just have good intervention.
  •  This pressures of 3000 psi or more can make extreme caution and should using just when operating, there is a small stream from a leak can cut like a sharp knife the inspect line use the system for cuts or any damage to this operation.
  •  For more safety for this unit when no one uses it is important to store and keep it clean separated from any contamination to save the quality of this unit.

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