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Avionics Equipment Maintenance

 Avionics Equipment Maintenance

There is some meth­ods of ground checking avionics systems.
  • The Visual CheckIt can Check for physical condition and safety of equipment and com­ponents of aircraft.

  • The Operation CheckBy this check is per­formed primary by the pilot, but can be performed by the mechanics after annual and 100-hour inspections. The aircraft flight manual, and the manufacturer’s information are used as a reference when performing the check.

  • Functional Testis occurred  by qualified mechanics and repair stations to check the calibration and accuracy of the avi­onics with the use of test equipment while they are still on the aircraft, The equipment manufacturer’s manuals and procedures are used as a reference.

  •  Bench Test: at using this method the instrument is removed from the aircraft and inspected, repaired, and calibrated as required.

Every  unit containing electronic components such as transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, proms, roms, and memory devices should be protected from excessive shocks. Excessive shock can cause internal failures in an of these components. Most electronic devices are subject to damage by electrostatic discharges (ESD).

⧪⧪ For prevent damage due to excessive electrostatic discharge, proper gloves, finger cots or grounding bracelets should be used. Observe the standard procedures for handling equipment containing elec­trostatic sensitive devices in the  Avionics Equipment.

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