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  • The uses of inverters usually on aircraft is to convert a portion of the aircraft DC to AC, and this AC power use in an instrument like lighting, radar, radio, is usually built to supply current at a frequency of 400 cps and their other design to give more than one voltage.
  • When we are speaking about inverters there two types the static and rotary some of those can be multiphase or single phase, the multiphase is lighter for the same power rating than the single phase of these inverters and there some complications to keep the load's balance.

Rotary Inverters:

  • This type exists in many sizes and types and configuration is house AC generator and DC motors it’s important, this generator combine and motor field is mounted on a common shaft is rotated simulating with the housing of these inverters.

Static Inverters:

  • This type is usually used in small aircraft is exist for any requirement filled by rotary inverters have a big advantage for most application on the aircraft, exactly the absence of moving parts and capable of conduction cooling.

Permanent Magnet Rotary Inverter:

  • The composition between a permanent magnet AC generator and DC motor is created permanent magnet inverter some of this have separate stator is mount with common housing, the armature of the motor is mounted on the rotor and connect to DC supply by commutator  but the filed wild is mount on  the housing and connect direct to DC power.
  • This permanent magnet rotor is mount at the opposite end of the same shaft like the armature of the motor, but the stator winding also mount on the housing is allow AC to take from inverter with no use of brushes, the generator rotor has 6 poles is magnetized to provide alternate north and south poles.
  • It’s important to excited the armature of the motor to just begin to turn, at this time the permanent magnet rotates with AC stator coils, but the magnetic flux creates by permanent magnets is remove or cut by conductors in AC stator coils.
  • This type of inverter may be made by multiphase by deposing more AC stator coils in the housing to just order each phase to the proper amount in the same coils, the rotary inverter has a revolving armature in their AC generator section.

Inductor-Type Rotary Inverter:

  • This type is use rotor have some characteristic is made from soft iron laminations with grooves are removing or cutting with the surface to provided poles is the same to the number  of stator poles, the DC power is applied a force to the field coils is create a magnetic field and then the rotor is turn with field coils, at the same time the poles on the rotor align with stationary poles, there are low reluctance path for flux is establish from the field pole to the rotor pole.




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