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Landing Gear

Landing Gear

  • The biggest rule of this component is to supports the aircraft during landing and take-off. The fixed gear is viewing in the simple aircraft that fly a low speed. But the complex aircraft who’s fly faster have retractable landing gear is retractable into the fuselage or wings.
  •  The retractable gear has a big advantage is to keep a force of drag to a minimum but the fixed gear is created parasite drag is creating by the air flowing around the gear it’s increasing at the same time when speed increase it’s more show in the slow aircraft and the very important things in aviation is weight.
  • The landing gear is made from a wide range of aluminum and magnesium or materials include steel to just be strong structure because when aircraft loaded landing is facing louder force and that gives assembly.

  •  The important thing while landing is the absorbing shock to just save the structure is exist in the landing gear and the wheel assemblies have a braking system to reduce the speed of aircraft on the ground and the wheel and the tire is designed for aviation for unique operation.
  • We can’t say that all aircraft have gear with wheel for example helicopter have fixed skids with high maneuverability with lower maintenance, and free balloon have also wood skids who is fly slowly and other aircraft who’s landing on the water have pontoons or floats but all this type of gear can create a big drag around gear.
  •  At the same time also accompanied by outriggers on the underside of wings close the tips to help in water landing and taxi on the water. the only Main gear that retractable into the fuselage is only extended when landing on the ground or a runway of the airport .

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