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  • Is defined that have a big role is to house the engine and its components (hydraulic, electronics, pneumatics..), is designed an elliptical profile to the wind thus reducing aerodynamic drag around this device.

  •  The nacelle exist in the forward end of the fuselage socially at the aircraft has a single-engine but for the aircraft with multiengine are built into the wings are in line with the fuselage aft the passenger compartment in the aircraft.
  •  Some aircraft the nacelle is designed to house the retractable landing gear to just reducing the resistance of air or decrease the drag when we are in high speed of aircraft but in other’s aircraft’s we find nacelle use for a house the engine and components like skin, cowling, a firewall exists in commercial aircraft.
  •  The landing gear retractable locating in the wing is calling wheel well and extending into the wing root when landing but there is the type that landing gear is located in the fuselage of aircraft.
  •  The function of a firewall is simple to just isolate the engine from the rest of the aircraft is constructed by titanium or stainless steel and the bulkheads have fire in the confines of nacelle rather than letting it spread throughout the airframe of aircraft.
  •  When we are talking about lengthwise, longerons and stringers, formers, bulkheads, and some combine with horizontal or vertical members all of this is collect in structural members is consisting of the framework and all of this make structural integrity of aircraft.
  •  In the nacelle also find device make engine fastened by is structural assemblies from chrome or steel tubing in light aircraft it’s called engine mounts.
  •  To access to the components of the engine inside we just open the cowl is detachable that have skin (exterior of nacelle ) from sheet aluminum alloy with stainless steels being used in high temperature when the exhaust exit and the skin is attached to the framework with a rivet on the aircraft.
  • To regulate the engine temperature their device call cowl flap is open or close to regulate temperature is used for oil cooler duct of the engine.

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