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Oxygen Servicing Equipment

Oxygen Servicing Equipment

  • The first role for this unit is keeping the cabin temperature comfortable of the aircraft on the ground is can move close to aircraft and connected to the ventilation system and provided cooled or heated air it has permanent installations.   
  • It’s important to follow the  instruction on the aircraft maintenance manual before any servicing equipment, for this operation it’s preferred to exist two personnel to service with gaseous oxygen, there is one located to control the valve of servicing equipment and their others observe the pressure in the cockpit or aircraft system and the between two personnel is the event of an emergency.
  • It’s important  to servicing aircraft outside the hangar , for more safety and not creating a source of ignition must not service with oxygen During any operations like maintenance work or defueling or fueling.
  • There two types of oxygen used on aircraft are gaseous and liquid each type is used on specific equipment on aircraft the first type is store in a large steel cylinder but the second type is usually stored and convert to gas.
  • There are most commercial three types of oxygen on aircraft is industrial and medical and aviator breathing each has function  and the only use in aircraft is aviator breathing because is provided breathing oxygen system for passenger and pilot and crew but the medical type is pure and contain water is can be freeze in the high altitude, and the industrial contain impurities that can make passenger and other personals sick.
  • It’s important to servicing service aircraft gaseous oxygen system by a qualified person, because is really sensible is nonflammable and  failure of oxygen containers can make a big explosive with more danger so make sure to be careful and observed in handling oxygen.

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