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Preserving The Aircraft Engine

  Preserving The Aircraft Engine 

The  Preserving engine of aircraft when isn’t active

  • When there no use engine for a while ensure to make this engine save by preserving from any contaminations, there some steps to conserve the good engine is recommended from aircraft manufactures.

 First preserving the oil system of an aircraft in storage:

  • There is mixing between oil and water sometimes, in the lubrication of engine use oil because is hygroscopic may absorb water but the oil system isn’t completely enclosed air inside and oil will interact, so if the air is humid mean have water the oil may extract water from the air, and then be slightly acid and create a casing and eat away components of this storage.

Second saving the fuel system :

  • For more safety for this part, it’s important to disconnect the fuel line purging fuel and replace with preservation oil and there is no problem for left this in the engine as long possible because during any operation the contamination is moving around and may create humidity in the fuel but this not create problem during the work of engine may create when is in storage because this contamination consumed in combustion and could create corrosion inside and this will decrease the performance of the engine.

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