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Primary Flight Control Surfaces

Primary Flight Control Surfaces

  • The first response of moving aircraft in the air on a fixed wings aircraft include elevator, rudder, ailerons, the elevator is located on the trailing edge of the horizontal stabilizer is moving to create an alert aircraft pitch which the altitude about the lateral axis of the aircraft.
  • The aileron is located in the trailing edge of both the wings is moving around the longitudinal axis, the rudder is located in the trailing edge of the vertical stabilizer is moving around the vertical axis or yaw.
  • The primary flight control is constructed from composite materials and is found on many aircraft with a high performance like light sport aircraft of gliders, in aviation, it’s important to weight and strength. is fabric from aluminum in the skin.
  • In the air, the primary flight control is balanced aircraft from any vibration or flutter, and balancing consist the center of gravity is locate forward of the hinge point  of aircraft and if there is no properly balancing maybe cause catastrophic failure of aircraft.


  • This device exists on the wing and makes aircraft move around the longitudinal axis is making aircraft rolling, is located exactly on the outboard of the trailing edge of each wing, is built into the wing and is calculate like part of the wing of aircraft.


  • The elevator is making aircraft moving around the lateral axis, is make aircraft to pitch up or down, is located to the trailing edge of horizontal stabilizer, and is control from the cockpit by pulling the control stick forward or aft, the use in the light aircraft control by cables and pull tubes to transfer cockpit input to move the elevator but in the large aircraft there is A complex system is called fly by wire controls is combine between electrical and hydraulic power.


  • This device makes aircraft move around the vertical axis or yaw, it’s provided direction control to fly in direction desire, is located on trailing edge of the vertical stabilizer is controlled by a pair of foot-operated pedals in the cockpit, by push forward the left pedal it makes the nose of aircraft moves to the left, but when to push forward the right pedal is move nose od aircraft to the right, the rudder is used also on the ground in the low airspeed.




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