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Spoilers and Speed Brakes

Spoilers and Speed Brakes

  • The spoilers exist in aircraft with high performance exactly  in the upper surface, it’s stowed to the wing upper surface, is a function to raises up into the airstream and back laminar airflow of the wing of aircraft by this can reduce the force of lift.

  • The construction of this device is construction materials and some technique of  flight control surface in aviation is a function to low speed.
  • This device is assist operation of ailerons when is a function to just make a movement with big stability of the airplane or when have lateral movement on the flight.
  • The spoilers are raised to the reduction of lift on the wing when ailerons are up, so this device important role is lowing speed of aircraft when is landing, the speed increase when is remain stowed and ailerons become more effective.
  • The spoilers are only is fully deployed on wings to function  speed brakes, by this when can get more force of drag and less force of lift so reduce the speed of the aircraft in flight.
  • The speed brake is similar to flight spoilers about construction is also found on the up surface of the wing also in the aircraft with high performance and heavy, those the spoilers and speed brake is deployed to lowing speed of aircraft by increasing drag.
  • The ailerons and brake don’t function differently when speed is low. the speed brake controls in the cockpit can function all spoilers, but when the aircraft on the ground the speed surface brake work automatically when thrust reverses of the engine are active.

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