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  • Are defended as devices that open and close circuits. They have one or more pairs of contacts. The current passe in the circuit when the contacts are closed. 

  • This Switches with momentary contacts actuate the circuit temporarily defined, and return to the normal position with an internal spring when the switch is released or without pressing.
  • If the have continuous contacts remain in position when activated and they have Two-position on/off switches should be mounted so that the on position is reached by an upward or forward movement of the toggle.
  •  When is controls movable aircraft elements, like landing gear or flaps, the toggle should move in the same direction as the desired motion. In any operation of a switch can be prevented by mounting a suitable guard over the switch to just make that save.
Type of Switches:

  • (SPST) Single-pole single-throw is opened and closes a single circuit. One Pole indicates the number of separate circuits that can be activated, and the throw indicates the number of current paths of this switch.
  •  (SPDT) Single-pole double-throw is route circuit current to either of two paths.
  •  (DPST)  Double-pole single-throw is turned 2 circuits on and off with one lever of this switch.
  •  (DPDT)Double-pole double-throw—is activated two separate circuits at the same time it’s more usual.
  •  (DT)Double-throw switches have either two or three positions. Have A two-position switch pole is connected to one of the two throws. Three-position switches have a center OFF position that disconnects the pole from both throws of this switch.
Most types:
  •  normally open (NO). the meaning NO switch is disconnected in the normal position and will be closed when the switch is activated. And returns to the normal position when the apply force to the switch is released.
  • normally closed (NC). The contacts NC switch are connected in the normal position and become open when is activated. And will returns to the normal position when applied force to the switch is released.
the Toggle and Rocker Switches:
  • The Toggle and rocker switches control are  most of the aircraft’s electrical components cockpit often use for  push buttons to control electrical components of the aircraft.
The Rotary Switches:
  • are activated by the shaft and can  found on radio control panels. Are usually  utilized for controlling more than one circuits.
The Solenoids:
  • Is used like switching devices where a weight reduction can be achieved and when electrical controls can be simplified in the aircraft.
  • There is two types of relays are electromechanical and solid-state. Electromechanical relays are having  fixed core and a moving plate with contacts on its core, but  solid-state relays work similarly to transistors and have no moving parts of their structure.

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