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The Speed Of Sound

The Speed of Sound

  •  The movement through the air of the aircraft is just a pressure disturbance in the air. for example, is like drop a rock in the water and following the waves flow out from the center. 
  • Like an aircraft flies through the air, every point on the aircraft that causes a disturbance to create a simple sound the energy in the form of pressure waves of the air.

  •  And is  flow away from the aircraft at the speed of sound of the aircraft, the temperature is correspondent with the speed of the sound can increase at the same time or decrease.
Subsonic, Transonic, and Supersonic Flight
  • If the aircraft is  flying at subsonic speed, the air flowing and exist around the airplane is at a velocity of less then the speed of the sound of aircraft, which is known as Mach 1. Remember that the air accelerates when it flows over certain parts of the aircraft, like the upper of the wing.
  • By this type of flying at transonic speed, simple part of the aircraft is experiencing subsonic airflow and other part is experiencing supersonic airflow, by the velocity of the air will reach Mach 1 and a shock wave will form and create. is forms 90 degrees to the airflow and is called a normal shock wave. By the Stability problems can be encountered during the transonic flight of the aircraft.
  • By this type, the entire aircraft is experiencing supersonic airflow more than normal speed. By this, the shock wave creates on top of the wing during transonic flight has transferred all the way after and has attached itself to the wing trailing edge of the aircraft . is the variable speed between Mach 1.20 to 5.0. If an airplane flies faster than Mach 5, it is called a hypersonic flight, it’s the really biggest thing and fastest in the air.
 Shock Waves:
  • For simple definition is the result of disturbance air by the aircraft by creating pressure waves these waves go-ahead of the aircraft but when aircraft reach the speed of sound this waves share  in all the wing and trailing edge this piling of sound is defined shock waves, is called a sonic boom when someone on the ground heard that sound.

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