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Towing Of Aircraft

Towing of Aircraft

  • The movement of aircraft on the ground to hangar or flight  line is provided by towing with tow tractor, and is usually taxied by qualified personnel is also called a tug.
  • the manufacturer is  maintenance instructions  is provided all instruction must-do for towing aircraft for each model of aircraft, because this towing is a hazard the operation may cause damage for aircraft or injury personnel so it’s important to follow the procedure for towing any aircraft.
  • It’s important to stopped aircraft to prevent possible damage before any operation of towing and the qualified person must be in flight deck to operate the brakes in case the taw bar fails.
  • The role of tow bars are usually use sufficient tensile strength to pull some aircraft but is not intended to be subjected to twisting load of aircraft, is used for most type of towing operations at the airport.
  • Make sure before moving aircraft that inspect all engaging devices for malfunction when aircraft attach with bar, and some aircraft have small wheels permit them to be used behind the towing vehicle from an aircraft for safe moving.
  • There some tow bars are designed for special aircraft only and there is another use for various types of aircraft, the special tow is usually fabricated by aircraft manufacture.

  • Everyone in the operation of towing must be alert during the towing of aircraft the speed should be reasonable, when is stopped should not focus on the brakes of towing vehicles it’s important to use aircraft brakes.
  • When towing aircraft by attaching a tow bar, the aircraft is have tail wheel is towed by axle  forward by provided the tow bar to landing gear and the towing the aircraft, can towing aircraft backward or forward.

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