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  • It’s important to learn weld is defined as the process to joins metal by melt the two pieces until collect together by the correct equipment and instruction, isn’t need much just simple basic of mechanical skill, most type of welding is electric resistance, gas, electric arc, each of those have some variations and used usually in the construction of aircraft.

Types of Welding:

     -  Gas Welding

  • This type of welding is provided by heating the ends of metal parts to a molten state and have a high temperature flame, by torch burning acetylene with pure oxygen, will produce oxy-acetylene flame at the temperature of 6300 °F, but when aluminum welding we use hydrogen place acetylene and this type is very useful in the production on aircraft materials.

 The gas welding on aircraft fabrication is provided with oxy-acetylene welding equipment is consist of :

  1. 2 cylinders one of oxygen and the other for acetylene.
  2. Cylinder pressure gauge and pressure regulators for oxygen and acetylene.
  3. Welding goggles have a clear color.
  4. Spark lighter.
  5. Wrench for acetylene tank valve.
  6. 2 lengths of colored hose with connect for regulator and torch, and welding torch with internal mix head.

 - Electric Arc Welding

  • This type is used for the manufacture and repair of aircraft in the aircraft industry is used to join all weldable metals with each other with proper materials there some type of electric arc welding :

     -  Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

  • It’s called also stick welding, is combined with metal wire rod coated with weld flux that is clamp in an electrode that is connected by big electrical cable to low voltage and high current in AC or DC current, the arc is struck between rod and work and then produce heat, so the welding is provided by welding machine with an electrode holder and 2 leads and electrode.

     - Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

  • This type is consist of improving stick welding because the uncoated wire electrode is fed in this and by the torch and inert gas like helium or argon is flows out around the wire to save or protect the puddle from oxygen is work when the power supply is connected then the production of heat to melt the electrode by the arc.

    - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

  • Usually this type used maintenance and repair with proper procedures, with this method use steel or stainless and aluminum is called also tungsten inert gas and also trade by heliarc all those names mentions the inert helium gas is used.

Welding Gases:

    - Acetylene

  • Is classed as the primary fuel for oxy-fuel welding, it’s unstable and stored in a cylinder to make gas dissolved and this cylinder packed with acetone, because the add of acetylene in-cylinder makes it dissolve and will the stable solution , is important for the pressure gauge not to pass 15 psi for welding.

    - Argon

  • It has a low thermal conductivity and nontoxic inert gas and cannot combine with another element it's tasteless and most uses like gas shield for an electrode in TIG.

   - Helium

  • It’s also nontoxic inert gas, is used as a protective gas for a lot of operation in the industry include electric arc because it has the lowest point for boiling and melt for the elements.

   - Hydrogen

  • Is very tasteless and highly flammable gas and colorless, is using in high pressure and in underwater welding and may use for aluminum welding.

   - Oxygen

  • Have normal characteristic is used to just increase the combustion exactly increases the flame temperature of flammable gas used.


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