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Wiring Installation

Wiring Installation

  • the wire is defined as one solid conductor or as a stranded conductor covered with an insulating material.
  •  when we are in the flight vibration and flexing, the conductor round wire should be stranded to minimize fatigue breakage of this vibration. 

⇆  term “cable” as used in aircraft electrical installations includes: 
  1. There are 2 or more separately insulated conductors in the same jacket. 
  2. maybe the 2 or more separately insulated conductors twisted together 'pair'. 
  3. 1 or more insulated conductors covered with a metallic braided shield 'shielded'. 
  4.  single insulated center conductor with a metallic braided outer conductor 'cover'.
  • the word “wire ” is used when an array of insulated conductors are bound together by metal bands, or another binding in an arrangement suitable for use in specific equipment for the harness was designed it may include terminations. Wire harnesses are extensively used in aircraft to connect all the electrical components of the aircraft.
  • The big  most important consideration for the selection of aircraft wire is properly matching the wire’s construction to the application environment of the area. Wire construction that is suitable for the most severe environmental area condition to be encountered should be selected. 
  • the Wires are originally categorized as being suitable for either open wiring or protected wiring application.
  •  The term wire temperature rating is typically a measure of the insulation’s ability to withstand the combination of ambient temperature and current-related conductor temperature rise in the area environment. 
  • The majority of used conductors are copper and aluminum. Each of these has characteristics that make it use advantageous under certain circumstances. each of these has disadvantages. Copper is conductive and is more ductile but the aluminum has   60 percent of the conductivity of copper.
Wire Shielding
  • if we want to increase the level of sensitive electronic devices found on modern aircraft,  make sure to ensure proper shielding for many electric circuits. the Shielding of wire is applying a metallic covering to wiring and equipment to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) for saving the signals. 

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