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Airbags On Aircraft

 Airbags On  Aircraft 

  •  Airplanes have Airbags devices just like the automotive and are yes especially on most newer Generation airplanes and Authorities Requirements.
  • In fact, if you’ve been seated in a bulkhead row or near an exit-row door on newer planes, you may have already strapped on an airbag and not even noticed.
  • Unlike automobiles, airplane airbags aren’t built into the vehicle but added onto seatbelts in what looks like just some extra padding which makes people curious.
  • Airplane airbags are airbags that are located in the seat belts on some airplanes. They are designed to lessen the impact of crashes with minor injuries. Airplane airbags are most often installed in First class, Business class, and Economy bulkhead/row seats as this hard surface can cause HIC (Head Injury Criteria) during an impact unlike the seats with rows behind each other which has the cushion as padding may not require this restraint device.
  • Additionally, airbags in seat belts are being used to overcome the distance requirements of seats from bulkheads in order to fit more seats onto planes. This need drives an initiative to make airbags more readily available both in-seat restraints and in bulkheads on most aircraft.

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