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Aircraft Corrosion Preventive

 Aircraft Corrosion Preventive


Aircraft Washing :

  • is defined as of clearing the appearance of the aircraft and decrease the level of corrosion.
  • Then the meaning of washing removes that removes any corrosive deposits that are located and accumulated on the aircraft, dirt retain moisture which in tum promotes corrosion on the surface.

  • the washing aircraft is frequency sometimes and is provided by operator with simple basics depend on the appearance of aircraft and operation environment.
Protective Finishes :

  • It’s important to keep aircraft clean and have a good situation on the external appearance, if there any avoided of corrosion problem on  aircraft ensure  to do maintenance of surface, or If any issues on the paint also need repaired as soon possible.
  • Sometimes like the finish is can be restored, make sure on consideration should be given to use corrosion inhibitor to lowest the risk of corrosion.

Water Displacing Corrosion Inhibiting Compound :

  • Is defined as a supplement that is used to supplement finish system and make that prevents or ensure the retard corrosion if there is damage to the finish system all these materials are volatile liquids, and may be brushed or sprayed on the surface to be treated, all those things to prevent aircraft from corrosion because is really make catastrophic problems.

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