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Ashtrays on commercial Aircraft Lavatories

Ashtrays on commercial Aircraft Lavatories

  • generally the smoking have been banned on aircraft, and a lot of airlines began to apply this rule to out smoking since the 1980s.
  • we can observant passengers today will still notice that there remain ashtrays on aircraft. The ashtrays can usually be found in or outside lavatories and that’s even the case on newly delivered airframes.
  • The reason why aircraft still have ashtrays is that people will and do still ignore the rules. And so, just in case passengers are absent-minded and place an aircraft’s safety in danger by smoking in the lavatories. Rather than a non-compliant passenger putting a cigarette butt in the trash and potentially causing a cabin fire, ashtrays remain as a safe place to put out a cigarette should a passenger decide to break the law so it’s important to respect the law.

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