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 This is more used especially for inspection and it’s specific for some design may be provided by the manufacture of equipment that being inspected and the checklist generally has this following information:

 For Landing Gear:

 Check the retracting and take look for a mechanism for proper operation, and check the Hydraulic lines for leakage, ensure all units are on the condition and secure, check for Shock absorbing devices just for their  proper oleo fluid level, check for the Linkage and trusses for is  excessive wear, fatigue, and distortion, check the Tires for wear and cuts, ensure that brakes are adjustable, check for electrical system for proper operation of switches.

For Engine and Nacelle:

Check for proper torquing of Studs and nuts, check for  Engine by visual evidence of any excessive oil or fuel or hydraulic leaks, and sources of such leaks on the engine, Engine mount check for cracks and looseness of mounting, Exhaust stacks check for cracks and  defects and proper attachment, check for Flexible vibration dampeners and check for the Lines, hoses, and clamps and check for Cowling that there are no defects, check for cylinder compression that there is no foreign matter.

For Fuselage:

Check on the skin that there is no deterioration or defects or any distortion or any failure, check for the system and the component that has a satisfactory operation and there no defects and has proper installation, check for the condition of Envelope gas bags and ballast tank.

For Cockpit:

Check for cleanliness and loose equipment is secured, check for seats and belts, check for windows and windshields that there is no deterioration, check for Instruments that is marking and have a proper operation, check that Flight and engine controls is have a proper operation, check for the charge of batteries.

For Wing:

Check for the skin and fabric that there is no deterioration and distortion or any failure, check for Internal structure like ribs spars that there are no cracks or bends, check for Movable surfaces that there is no damage or any defects, check for proper tension and fraying and wear of Control cables and control the mechanism.

For Propeller :

Check for Propeller assembly that there are no bends or any cracks or nicks, check for proper torquing  of the bolts and proper operation of Anti-icing devices and also control the mechanism that is secure.

For Communication and Navigation :

Check that has proper installation and secure mounting for the Radio and electronic equipment, check for proper routing for Wiring and conduits and proper installation of Bonding and shielding and the Antennas have a good operation.

For Miscellaneous :

Check for proper stowage of the Emergency and first aid equipment and proper operation of the Autopilot system.




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