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Cockpit Eye Position Indicator

 Cockpit Eye Position Indicator

  • what are those 2 white balls and a single red/orange ball on some Aircraft center windshield post?
  • the two-pilot aircraft, three balls in the triangle could form the reference points and each pilot would adjust the seat until the respective reference balls line up. The intent is to have the seat adjusted so that the eyes of the pilot area at the optimum location for visibility, inside and outside the cockpit, as well as in the correct position for access to the cockpit switches and knobs on aircraft.
  • When the pilots are properly seated and aligned with the eye reference point, they will have adopted the optimum position to operate the aircraft because they will:

1) are  have all of the instruments and displays on the front panel are in their field of view.

2) is have a field of view through the cockpit’s windows to see what is around them outside the aircraft.

  • During the cruise ight the phase where the pilots’ eye level alignment is not as critical, pilots may adjust their seat to be out of the eye reference point position for increased comfort and to re-adjust the seating position before commencing the approach.

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