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Fan blades Mooaring

 Fan blades Mooaring

  • At this time you can see that  most aircraft have been placed under parking or storage conditions, during this time if you have observed one of the fan blades on the engines are moored with ropes to outlet guide vane as anchoring to save the engine from any damage.
  • the big reason for mooaring the engine fan blades are to protect the engine bearing from damage especially with metal contact friction or any contamination.
  • this phenome is happened during blades windmilling due to tailwind or headwind which causes the blades to windmill freely and that may create damage.
  •  Except On a short duration with operational conditions windmilling is acceptable as the lubricating oils within the bearing cavity are able to sustain lubrication within the bearing chamber.
  • Most  aircraft when becomes non-operational and has been parked for a long duration, the oil within the lowest chamber tends to be drained towards the bottom oil sump which is usually within the gearbox and lack of oil within the bearing chamber could lead to metal friction of the bearings when windmilling so it’s important to mooaring the fan blades.

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